Rocknel produces a wide range of high-strength automotive fasteners, including sems and special engine bolts, for the assembly of automobile frames, engines, suspension systems, and sub-assembled components. Additionally, we offer a full spectrum of other capabilities, including heat treat and on-site lab testing to ensure that our parts meet exacting standards for strength, hardness, and consistency.

  • Cold Form Heading

    Cold Form Heading

    Rocknel operates over 25 Header machines. Our Formax headers are the latest in cold forming technology which allows unique parts to be made in a multi-blow operation, reducing the need for secondary turning or machining operations.

  • Roll Thread

    Roll Thread

    Rocknel Fastener runs various types of Roll Thread machines including washer assembly stations. Our Roll Thread machines with integrated washer assemblies allow us to assemble a wide variety of fastener configurations.

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment

    Rocknel Fastener operates 4 Continuous Mesh Belt Furnaces with continuous load rate, atmosphere, hardening, tempering, and quench monitoring. Our In house heat treating capability allows better deliveries to our customers due to reduced cycle time.

  • Secondary Operations

    Secondary Operations

    Rocknel offers a wide variety of secondary operations including CNC Machining, Pointing, and Shaving. Our Robotic Feed CNC Machining Center is capable of tolerances as low as 0.0002" (.005mm).

  • Plating Process

    Plating Process

    Rocknel Fastener has a state of the art plating line capable of multiple finish types including zinc chromate, black chromate, wax finishes, organic coatings, patches, and more.

  • Machine Sorting

    Machine Sorting

    Rocknel has a large variety of sorting machines capable of automatically sorting many different sizes of fasteners using camera and optical sensor equipment. A hand sort element is also in place for further inspection requirements.