Rocknel produces a wide range of high-strength automotive fasteners, including sems and special engine bolts, for the assembly of automobile frames, engines, suspension systems, and sub-assembled components. Additionally, we offer a full spectrum of other capabilities, including heat treat and on-site lab testing to ensure that our parts meet exacting standards for strength, hardness, and consistency.

  • MAThread®

    Rocknel Fastener is a licensed manufacturer of the MAThread® feature. The unique feature of MAThread® fasteners eliminate misalignment during driving.

  • Torx® Drive Systems

    Rocknel Fastener is a licensed manufacturer of the Torx® Drive System. This technology helps extend tool life by reducing excessive radial forces.

  • Special Fasteners

    Rocknel Fastener has the capability to manufacture unique bolts for use in special applications.

Galleries for our most common fastener applications

  • Engine and Drivetrain

    High strength automotive fasteners for enginge and drivetrain components such as cylinder heads, transmissions, flywheels, and more.View Gallery

  • Lawnmower and Utility Engines

    Fasteners for lawnmower and utility engines. Engine types include vertical and horizontal shaft configurations.View Gallery

  • Brakes and Suspension

    Fasteners for brake and suspension components such as calipers, hubs, control arms, steering columns, and more.View Gallery

  • All-Terrain Vehicles

    Fasteners for a variety of ATV applications including both Sport and Utility vehicles.View Gallery

  • Generators

    Fasteners for various types of generators, including industrial and commercial applications.View Gallery

  • Automotive A/C Compressors

    Fasteners for automotive air conditioner compressors.View Gallery